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About Us

Our Story

The focus of our work at YES Association is empowering young people by enhancing learning opportunities, strengthening capacities, and opening networking opportunities with local and international organizations… 

Our ambition to be a reference in empowering the youth of marginalized areas makes us work by all means in the following context:
Training young men and women in the fields of leadership and understanding the patterns of democracy in Morocco to enhance political participation in the prospect of empowering them in decision-making positions.
Provide solutions and recommendations on a permanent basis to overcome the obstacles to the political participation of young people and women.
Strengthening the human rights capacities of all our target groups.
Focusing more on girls and women while working on implementing programs to improve economic aspects.
Opening opportunities for networking with local and international organizations and exchanging experiences to open up to new ideas and experiences.
Enhancing the communicative abilities of our target groups to make them able to express their ambitions and ideas.

We are driven by values

The association adopts core values in its work and these values apply to all employees, participants, and volunteers, and they are intended to be sustainable for all individuals who may join us in the future.

Below, you can learn about our values


Managing the works and activities of the association according to institutional work.


We are working to identify the values of initiative and creativity in a systematic framework to improve our work and raise the level of our performance.


Our association always welcomes cooperation and partnership with other organizations that share the same values and goals with us and respect the laws and the society in which we work.

Team Work

We believe in the spirit of teamwork!

Soufiyan SAAOUDI


Ibtissam El HAMRI

General Secretary




Vice President