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Yes Academy

The YES Academy for Participation and Change project aims to promote community peace and the principles of democracy in Khemisset Province, Morocco. Through this initiative, we train young individuals on the fundamentals of participatory democracy and facilitate communication with decision-makers. By providing solutions to societal issues through policy papers, organizing training courses, fostering networking and communication, and creating a comprehensive training manual booklet, we empower 30 young men and women to become active participants in their communities. This project is made possible through our partnership with the International Republican Institute and funding from MEPI (Middle East Partnership Initiative).

Main Goal : Promote the participation of 30 civil society youth between the ages of 18 and 35 in the Khemisset region in the decision-making process to improve public social services in the targeted region, through trainings on leadership, political communication, advocacy and drafting of petitions in order to provide solutions to local problems.

The YES Academy for Participation and Change project has achieved remarkable outcomes, which include:

Training 30 young men and women in communication and leadership skills, equipping them with the necessary tools to effectively engage with their communities and become effective leaders.
Enhancing their abilities to build community peace by investing in the mechanisms of participatory democracy. Through targeted training and workshops, participants have developed a deep understanding of participatory democracy and its role in fostering community peace.

Strengthening their advocacy capabilities and empowering them to defend their ideas. Through specialized training, participants have gained the skills to effectively advocate for their perspectives and engage in constructive dialogue.

Production of 5 policy papers that provide practical solutions to local problems within the province of Khemisset. These papers serve as valuable resources for decision-makers and the wider community, addressing key challenges and offering viable solutions.

Development of a practical guide outlining best practices for conducting public consultations. This comprehensive guide equips individuals and organizations with the necessary tools to engage the public effectively in decision-making processes, ensuring inclusivity and transparency.

Successful organization of meetings that bring together young people and decision-makers. These meetings provide a platform for participants to present their suggestions and ideas, fostering dialogue, collaboration, and mutual understanding between the two groups.